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Totally rubbish and waste of time and efforts. The supposed to book me a hotel in China, went there and there was a total chaos of no booking, fake website on their booking receipt, the hotel did't have any clue about the booking despite the fact that I went there 2 months after the assumed booking was done by egencia, really don't recommend anyone to deal with them.

Last reviewed on Monday, 23 May 2016


Just started using Billcue, and I love it. It's affordable for small businesses, easy to learn, fun to use and the tech support is better than I've ever seen.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 13 May 2016


"Go to Billing" is probably the easiest system I have ever used. I swipe the client's card and within minutes I have an email in my inbox with all the relevant info. In approx. 1 hr. after midnight I have a daily summary of all the previous day's transactions telling me how much money is on the way to my bank account.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 04 May 2016


Paylocity's WEBPAY works well. We only had one issue regarding the state calculation of taxes for a small group of people for 2 years in a row. The state tax tables had not changed nor their rates but the employees deduction from check did. Other than that, the simple payroll processing has been good. The customer service aspect has not been great at all. Not sure if we have been unlucky with our service reps or if it...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 22 Mar 2016

Evolution Collect Software

Good Debt Collection software that was very easy to get our agents comfortable on. Also nice advanced reporting options as well

Last reviewed on Monday, 21 Mar 2016

Dream Tekis Software

Very good Insurance based software company. Dream Tekis gonna Rock in the future days. Guyz never think for a second option. You are at the right place.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 10 Mar 2016


If you are currently using this software you better audit your client charts. When you do an assessment and put the activities in the system it will not match up to the activity sheets that your caregivers fill out. It leaves off activities that your caregivers never even have a chance to check over the phone.

Last reviewed on Monday, 15 Feb 2016


The CarlyApp is a must-have for small and growing businesses. By automating the tedious task of bill paying, the result is having more time to actually focus on running and growing the business. As a small business owner and marketer who works with entrepreneurs, I believe that the CarlyApp is going to quickly earn its place in today's top apps for small businesses.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 11 Nov 2015

Paychex, Inc.

I wish I had looked at other online reviews before choosing Paychex. Promised me the moon but does not deliver. Very slow to respond and left me hanging with unresolved issues and penalties.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 27 Aug 2015

PayCommerce Inc.

We have been processing globally with PayCommerce for the past 4 years in partnership with an international bank. They have been providing a a reliable gateway services for processing world wide. I highly recommend this Payment Gateway Service.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 04 Aug 2015


Rubberstamp has simplified and unified my whole purchasing process. I don't know how I managed without it.

Last reviewed on Monday, 29 Jun 2015


I wish negative stars were possible because this company made unauthorized charges to our credit card 4 times for over $170, and when we called they were not able to explain why. We were promised a call back to resolve on 3 separate occasions, which we never received. Do your customers/donors a favor. Stay away from this company.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 23 Jun 2015

Billings Pro for Mac

Billings PRO really sucks. The sync is absolutely broken. I lost a lot of billable hours due to sync issues. Also Billings PRO is bad at simple tasks like adding hours. I also lost a couple of billable hours that way. I really can't recommend it to anybody!!!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 18 Jun 2015


I have to admit I was skeptical about this service, but I did some research and determined it was legitimate. I compared the rates to USForex, Xoom, and XE, and Transferwise was the best. I looked over the site thoroughly and decided to use it. I sent dollars to Norway using a direct debit and it took 4 days. You just put in your bank info the the recipient's bank info. I got the rate that they said it would be, even...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 18 May 2015


Starting using this about 6 months ago. GreenerBilling helps me send my invoices faster which got my customers to send payment a few days sooner. I never realized how much slower and costly sending paper estimates and invoices has been. Highly recommend GB!

Last reviewed on Friday, 20 Feb 2015

Indigo Cloud

Mark worked setting up our systems when we moved offices. I have to say, his understanding on our needs were above what we expected. He was hands on and readily availed at all times. We have changed our minds on a number of these regarding our collection practices and Mark has adjusted our systems to suit our every need. We will most definitely be using Mark again due to his expertise in his field.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015

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