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The task of choosing Accounting & Financial software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Accounting & Financial Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Accounting & Financial Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Accounting & Financial Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


Taxify's customer support is either very very slow or lacking when raising ride issues with their drivers.No delivery on thier customer support as mentioned on the company website!There are safer and more customer centric taxi options available which taxify doesn't prove to be.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018

Fetch Expense Reporting

I'm a new employee at my company and they use Fetch to reimburse employees. Using Fetch was simple, and I got paid back extremely fast for the work expenses I'd incurred during my first few weeks.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 19 Mar 2018


These people have no clue about anything. I took me 8 hours and 3 days to get hung up 3 times after 25 minutes in the phone for them to unfreeze my account which was their mistake,

Last reviewed on Thursday, 15 Mar 2018

SlickAccount Pvt Ltd

This is one of the simple and nice money management software .keep using of it you can find more amazing features like your money prediction,flow etc.Also they have their GST accounting software,that helps maintaining the accounts in small service as well as retail businesses.One of good product so far..

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Last reviewed on Monday, 12 Mar 2018


What do you like best? Fast and easy. It’s not complicated to use at all. Plus, there are real people you can talk too unlike typical payments processing companies. I don’t have a login for PaySimple but I use it through an API so it’s an indirect use. What do you dislike? I wish there more integrations with third party systems such as crms, online form tools etc. What business problems are you solving with the product?...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018


What do you like best? PaySimple makes it really easy for us to set up our recurring payment schedule with our Members. We are Chiropractic office that office a Membership Practice. We have our Members set up on an auto-debit (or automatically taken out of their bank account) for their Chiropractic visits. Really easy to set up, and really easy to manage. What do you dislike? There are not really any negatives that I...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018


What do you like best? The home screen dashboard is extremely well thought out. - Failed Transactions, Settlement Summary, Recurring payment schedules all graphed for a quick view of your month. What do you dislike? With regard to the report summaries on the dashboard, my only complaint is that I can't easily switch to a more historical view. That said, there is a robust reporting engine that will allow me to do that...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 06 Mar 2018


PrimePay is easy to use and if I ever do run into any problems they make it easy for me to call! If I'm not sure about an aspect of the sw or a particular report, thankfully, I can pick up the phone & am greeted by someone local, willing to answer and help in any way!

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018


Certify mobile app is very easy to use. I especially like the feature that allows you to snap a picture of your receipt and it is attached right into your expense report. The approval process is also very smooth and I never wait long for reimbursement from my expenses.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 26 Jan 2018


For some users, Bullet might be a perfect solution for log-in and work with what's there. It is not, however, suitable for non profits at all. There are no non profit specific account types available (like temporary or permanently restricted assets). You can create new accounts, or rename some of the existing ones, but their interface doesn't even tell you which accounts are system accounts, and which are not. Because...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 15 Dec 2017

Tungsten Network

Tungsten is one of a growing number of companies that position themselves between large customers and their suppliers. Their USP is that they offer early payment finance (at a cost) to help suppliers and simplify the payment process for their clients. That's ok if it is well managed but, in the case of Tungsten: Payments are often aggregated from multiple invoices and paid after Tungsten’s fees are deducted, so suppliers...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 14 Dec 2017

Prophix Software

We use Prophix as our primary financial reporting tool. This includes all aspects of the financial reporting and management; budgeting, forecasting and performance management. In addition, we rely on Prophix as a substitiution tool for general ledger journal entries to allocate revenues and expenses throughout our oragizational divisional and departmental structure.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 07 Dec 2017


Worst experience that I have had. For seven months they were supposed to give our company terminal machine and we followed up around 10 times. every time somebody answered the phone and said we will contact you , but nothing happened.

Last reviewed on Friday, 10 Nov 2017


Paycom makes life as a business owner much easier. It allows me to not spend hours on payroll and to spend that time improving my business.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 25 Sep 2017


Well I have worked for this company for about a month and a half my first paycheck was to be 9/14/2017 I was even told I made 1st in excellent work sending off the packages and now my pay date is here I can not get a hold of anybody and this system is said to be done by jbilling so can u help me or do i have to file on everybody associated with this scam. I have all items saved and all who interviewed me along with everybody...

Last reviewed on Friday, 15 Sep 2017


This site is a joke. My largest account could not be added because it was in "beta testing". They had no clue how long it would take. They suggested I add the account manually. For a trading account with over 50 positions that change? Are you kidding me hellowallet? You are a waste of time.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 09 Aug 2017


If I could leave one star I would. The worst payroll service I have every used. Customer service is awful, and our W2 came 5 months late and were incorrect so I had to generate them myself with payroll software I purchased. This took me days to complete. When I called the person was rude and blamed me. He said he left multiple messages which when I asked my receptionists they said they never received a call. They continued...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017

TD Ameritrade

Don't bother wasting your money. 7 years of 401 k and lost money. My problem but no support from staff when I had questions. Terrible Company to invest with.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017


The software and the team makes my HR processes easier. CheckMark save me so much time on a daily basis. Love the platform! Sales and customer service were also super helpful.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 04 Jul 2017

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