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If I could give them a zero i would. Over 5 different reps have emailed me even though I unsubscribed 6x to their spam emails. Please leave our company alone.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017


Worse experience with this company! I will never use them nor refer them to anyone! BEWARE - This company is a SCAM!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 22 May 2017


Also an unhappy keybank customer. Hellowallet accounts have to be reconnected when you sign back on. Also some of your accounts don't show transactions? When you contact support all you get is techs are working on it?

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 09 May 2017


A transfer I tried to make through Covercy could not be carried out. I have not gotten my money back. This was two weeks ago. I do not get answers to my emails and a phone call was not returned. I guess my money is lost! Do not use this service!!

Last reviewed on Monday, 08 May 2017


I enjoy using SlickPie because I can access my company finances easily and get notification every time I get paid. Also, I can immediately check my cash flow. I also like the modern design on SlickPie and the automated reminders. Overall, I have no problem using this app and will keep using it.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017


UNPROFESSIONAL LOOSE UNACCOUNTABLE UNETHICAL AvidPay stole money from my bank account. I am a vendor for a HOA that started using AvidPay. AvidPay contacted me to set up EFT so I could receive single annual payments from the HOA. After that, all kinds of incorrect debit and credits were made to my account by AvidPay. I asked them to restore the balance due to my account by their mistatkes, but AvidPay has treated...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 30 Mar 2017

Tungsten Network

If there was an option to give them no stars it would more accurately reflect my experiences with Tungsten Network. My company is paid via them...It is a terrible system, backed up by advisors who know simply nothing about the system. Avoid at all costs!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 20 Mar 2017


Triosoft is there whenever there is a need or question. I like the quick response. I never have any down time which is important in the collection industry.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017


I've really found that Dryrun has helped in business financial forecasting. Where Quickbooks helps me with the past, Dryrun has helped me in planning for the future. It's taken a lot of the stress out of figuring out where our cash flow is headed.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017


Since January it is impossible to synchronize payroll data in Peachtree. so, we can allocate time or have a proper bank reconciliation. As the Sage customer services refuses to give an update, they claim that Sage Accounting does not have a timetable to restore.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017


To be honest we have always had management issues at the company regarding our fixed assets. So we sought a solution that can rid us of all the troubles once and for all. Truth be told, the installation team was extremely friendly. They tagged all of the fixed assets and walked us through all of the process. They then showed us how to work on the software. Having no experience, whatsoever, in this area, our team found it rather...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017


Excellent Customer Service, Great product offerings, competitive rates and reliable service - been using them for over 8 years.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 25 Jan 2017


Customer service representative was cooking or washing dishes at her house, it was noisy and very unprofessional. They charge me twice for something that I didn't authorize and they didn't have my correct name when I know exactly what's my name, who changed it? They are trying to make their website more user friendly, but it seems that their system have a life of his own. Cancelling soon.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 04 Jan 2017

H&R Block

Absolutely worst website on this freakin earth. What kind of company makes a website that leads you through your state tax then when you are FINISHED with it the tell you to pay or they'll delete it??!! Freaking tell me before i waste my time you are a bunch of idiotic money obsessed jerks. Cry about your lives and how no one loves you you stupid H&R block people.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 18 Oct 2016


The money is in our bank within 24 hrs., just as promised. Our chosen risk rules protect us from chargebacks. With other companies, they did not require as much credit card information in order to process a payment and our chargeback rate was high and a it was a long process to fight a dispute. Paysafe's protocols protect us from chargebacks and from fraud. The tools and gateway processes extremely well and it the back office...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 01 Sep 2016


Horrible company. Paid $99.00 for virus removal and cleanup which was okay. Paid $99.00 for antivirus which made my laptop unusable and frozen. Had to have it removed, which took 3 hours. Took 2 months to get refund. They kept lying and said it was in my account. It took my credit card company and filing a claim to get it back. Never again. Stay away........

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Last reviewed on Friday, 12 Aug 2016

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